Pawsome Pets is a small independent, British owned pet relocation company based in Dubai, UAE.  With abandoned and neglected animals close to our heart we set up originally to help animal welfare groups send their rescues to their new fur-ever homes at as low a cost as possible and, in some cases completely free of any fee.

As our reputation grew we started to get other enquiries and so we took the decision to jump in, two feet and all paws to also offer our renowned high level of service to pet owners and their furry family members.

We pride ourselves in our one to one, personal service.  You are not just talking to a name behind the phone or email.  You are talking to a person.  We want to get to know you and your pet.  We want you to feel and be part of the Pawsome Pets family.


As relocation specialists, partnering with like-minded colleagues around the world, we ensure that you and your furry family members enjoy a stress-free, efficient and cost conscience travel experience, to and from the UAE.  

Our bespoke solutions cater to your individual requirements and include a full door to door service (and everything in-between) with our worldwide pet relocation, pet taxi and pet staycation options.

With our fully licensed and insured, climate controlled vehicles, boarding for our feline clients at our very own 'The Pawtery' and with our trusted colleagues catering to our canine clients staycation needs, we have a solution for you, whatever your requirement.  

Our ‘can do’ attitude is at the forefront of everything we do as well as the question 'would we do this with our pets' underlying every decision we make when putting together your relocation solution. 

We pride ourselves on being able identify and offer unique one to one solutions, which first and foremost, focus on the wellbeing of your pet, closely followed by the wellbeing of your pocket!

Our services are fully inclusive, our prices transparent and (we believe) fair!   We prepare all your pets travel documentation, book their flights, liaise with customs and quarantine peeps, arrange pet taxi and hotel options and provide you with a full range of travel accessories including IATA compliant standard and our exclusive custom built travel crates.

Every part of our service is provided either directly by the Pawsome Pets team or where appropriate, through a network of pet relocation professionals whom we trust implicitly.  That said, we are a small team and whilst we pride ourselves on providing a fully comprehensive service, ensuring the very best solutions for the wellbeing of your pet, at a fair and competitive cost, if we feel your needs are outside our scope of services we will say so and at the same time, refer you to one of our key and (most importantly) trusted partners.


We are may be not so different to some of the other locally based, independent relocation companies.  Like them, we are pet owners and animal lovers first, relocation and logistical experts second.   However, we do think we are unique in some other respects. 

  • We are small in size but huge in heart.
  • We think and act as if your pets are our pets.
  • We offer reduced (and where possible, zero) fees to animal welfare groups.
  • For pet owners we charge actual costs, plus a minimal service fee, a percentage of which is donated to one of our sponsored animal welfare groups, so that their costs are even further reduced.
  • We actively seek out flight buddies in support of our (and others) rescue relocations and we have funded the development of a volunteer database, to try and make life a little bit easier for everyone.

It’s not much but we like to think that every little bit helps and by coming to Pawsome Pets for your own pets’ relocation, you are very much a part of that!

We know (being neurotic pet owners ourselves), that choosing a relocation partner for your fur family is nerve wracking.  It is about confidence, trust and the wellbeing of your pets, as well as the wellbeing of your pocket.  When you choose Pawsome Pets, you can be confident in the knowledge that your pets are our pets.  In other words, they will be treated like the royalty they are, throughout every step of the process.

We are your local global pet relocation specialists.


Kirsty Pawsome Pets

Kirsty Kavanagh

The General Dogsbody
Kirsty is our founder and the owner of Pawsome Pets. Taking care of admin, phone calls, chauffeuring our VIPs and seeing them safely off on their journey’s she is kept pretty busy. Not so busy though that she doesn’t have time for chin scratches and cuddles on the way

Lost of Arabia

The Branch Manager
Lost Of Arabia, is our Branch Manager. Staying quietly in the background but always overseeing our activities to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is where they need to be 🐾


The Chief Ball Counter
As our Chief Ball Counter, Smoke The MegaE GSD is always in the thick of everything. Bouncing from task to task with seemingly unlimited energy, he always has his eye on the ball 🐾

Dolce the Diva

She Who Must Be Obeyed
Introducing Dolce the Diva, otherwise known as 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'. Don't cross her otherwise you will get one of her 'looks' and believe us, they are as sharp as her claws 🐾

Henry the Fat Cat

The Fat Controller
Henry The Fat Cat is our expert in taking things easy. From time to time, things can sometimes get a teeny bit stressful and it's Henry's job to remind us to slow down and chill out. One step forwards, then a snooze is the motto he lives his life by 🐾


We encourage all our clients to leave a review on our Facebook page as well as providing us with direct feedback at any stage of the relocation process.  Facebook does not allow reviews to be removed unless they are inaccurate, or deliberately misleading.  Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that the reviews you see are not just cherry picked to make us look good.  We are big believers in continuing to grow and see every day and each relocation as an opportunity to learn something new.  Even if it is a route or activity we have done a hundred times before.  

We think we do a pretty good job.  So far, our clients seem to think so too!

Kirsty is diligent, thorough, caring, professional and has only one intention - to get your pet safely home! No matter what the journey looks like, no matter the challenge, no matter the location, Kirsty is simply always on point with her paperwork, guidance and keeping you informed and updated.

Pauline Armstrong

Kirsty's clear communication of the steps of the process really put clients at ease. Her love for animals comes across so you feel your own fur family members will be cared for the way she would her own. She has great relationships with the various authorities and businesses involved here in relocation which is important. I wouldn't put my family in any other hands.

Jenny Bartlett


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